Who is the Best Brawler in Brawl Stars? (All Tier List) 2024

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When discussing who is the best brawler in brawl stars? It is known for its intense multiplayer battles and diverse roster of characters, it’s important to recognize that the answer can vary depending on the latest game updates, player skill level, and specific game modes. Here’s a detailed overview of some of the key characters:


She’s often the first character players encounter. Known for her shotgun, Shelly is great at close-range combat and has a powerful Super ability that can blast through obstacles.


A sharpshooter with a high rate of fire. Colt can deal damage from a distance, making him a formidable character in open spaces.


A rocket-wielding character known for his area damage. His rockets have a long range and can cause significant damage to groups of enemies.


A creative inventor, Jessie uses a turret to control areas and provide cover fire for teammates. Her attacks can hit multiple enemies if they’re close together.


A cactus-themed character who throws spiky bombs. These bombs explode in a star pattern, making Spike great at area denial.


A fast-moving, bird-themed character. Crow uses a poison attack that damages enemies over time and reduces their ability to heal.

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A tough and resilient fighter, Pam uses a scrapyard shooter to deal damage and can deploy a healing station to support her team.


Known for his stealth abilities, Leon can become temporarily invisible, allowing for surprise attacks or quick escapes.


A character who can create sandstorms to hide allies and disorient enemies. Sandy combines support and offensive capabilities.


A mysterious character with a deck of cards that she throws as her primary attack. Her Super can pull enemies together, setting up powerful combinations.

These characters are just a few examples from the extensive roster in the game. Each one brings a unique playstyle and strategy, making the game dynamic and diverse. Players often choose characters based on their personal preferences, playstyle, or the specific requirements of the game mode they are playing.

Who is the Best Brawler in Brawl Stars?

As of recent updates, several characters were often cited as top contenders in the game’s Meta. These characters are known for their unique abilities, attack range, damage output, and utility in various game modes. For instance, one character might excel in area control with their wide attack range, making them a top pick in game modes that require holding down a territory.

Another might be noted for their high damage output and speed, ideal for quick skirmishes and taking down opponents efficiently. The game’s frequent updates also play a critical role in determining the top character. Balance changes, such as adjustments to character abilities, health, or damage, can significantly alter their effectiveness.

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Additionally, the introduction of new characters can shake up the game’s meta, as players experiment with different team compositions and strategies. Player skill level is another crucial factor. Some characters might have a steep learning curve but can be incredibly effective in the hands of an experienced player.

Others might be more beginner-friendly, offering a good balance of offense and defense without requiring advanced tactics. In different game modes, certain characters shine more than others. For example, one might be particularly effective in a mode focused on collecting and holding gems, while another might be better suited for a straight-up team battle.


In summary, determining the best character in this game is a complex question that depends on various factors, including game updates, player skill level, and specific game modes. Regular players of the game often stay updated with community discussions and tier lists to keep track of which characters are currently performing the best in the game’s ever-evolving landscape.

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