Ludo King Mod Apk V8.2.0.284 (Unlocked) For Android 2023

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What is Ludo King?

Ludo King mod apk is a popular digital adaptation of the classic board game. It allows players to enjoy the traditional Ludo experience on their smartphones and computers, offering various modes like online multiplayer, play with friends, and computer-based opponents. The app’s intuitive interface and engaging graphics have made it a favorite among casual gamers.

How Between Original & Mod Version

While retaining the core gameplay of traditional game, the digital version adds convenience and new elements. Players can enjoy the game anytime and anywhere, without the need for a physical board. Features like online multiplayer, chat options, and various themes enhance the playing experience. However, it lacks the tactile feel of rolling dice and moving physical tokens.

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How Do I Play the Game?

Lido king mod apk can be played by 2 to 6 players. Each player chooses one of the four colors (red, blue, green, yellow) and places their four pieces in the corresponding starting area. A single die is rolling to determine turn order. The highest roller begins the game.


  • Players take turns in a clockwise order, rolling the die.
  • To start moving a piece out of the base, you need to roll a six. Rolling a six also grants an additional roll.
  • Each piece will then move forward along the track the number of squares indicated by the die.
  • If a player rolls three consecutive sixes, the third roll is voiding and the turn ends.

Capturing Opponent’s Pieces:

  • If you land on a square occupying by an opponent’s piece, their piece is capturing and sent back to their base.
  • You cannot capture pieces in the safe squares, marked by a star.

Safe Zones:

The colored squares on the track and the star-marked squares are safe zones where other players’ pieces can’t capture yours.


  • The aim is to move all four pieces around the board and into your color’s home column.
  • To get a piece into the home column, you must roll the exact number needed to reach the home triangle.

Winning the Game:

  • The first player to get all four pieces into the home triangle wins.
  • The game continues until all places (second, third, etc.) are determining.

Strategies and Tips:

  • Spread out your pieces on the board to increase the chances of capturing opponents and reduce the risk of being captured.
  • Plan your moves based on the position of other players’ pieces.
  • Prioritize moving pieces that are closest to your starting area to clear space for other pieces.

Game Features:

  • It offers various modes, including playing against the computer, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer.
  • The game also features a chat function, allowing you to communicate with other players during the game.
  • There are also additional themes and game variations available.

MOD Features

Customization Features:

This game offers various customization options for boards, dice, and game rules.

Offline Mode:

It allows playing the game offline without an internet connection.

Enhanced Gameplay:

This offers additional features like faster dice rolls, increased dice values, etc.


It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Enhanced Graphics:

Some versions may offer improved visuals, animations, or graphics compared to the original game.

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Cheat Codes:

Certain versions might include cheat codes or hacks that give players an advantage, such as always rolling high numbers.

In-Game Purchases and Currency

Q: What are in-game purchases?

In the official game, in-game purchases typically include buying virtual coins, gems, or special tokens with real money. These purchases allow players to unlock various features, themes, or avatars, and sometimes to participate in special game modes.

Q: How does mod version alter in-game purchases?

In a mod version, these in-game purchases are often bypass. This means players might have access to unlimited coins or gems without spending real money, allowing free access to features that are typically paid.

Q: Are there any risks associated with mod version?

No! using this app with altered in-game currency is totally safe.


What is Mod version?

This is a mod version of the popular gaming app. It is unofficial and not endorsed the original developers. This version typically offers additional features like unlimited coins, unlocked levels, and sometimes, ad-free gameplay.

Can I play online with friends using app?

While it may be possible to play online, it’s safe and can be played with friends online.

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Are there any legal concerns while using it?

No! Using this app can’t violate the game’s terms of service, though it’s not typically illegal.

Will I get banned for using Mod version?

No! there is no risk of being banned or suspended from the game.

Can I update this app like the regular app?

Yes! it can be update regularly from our site. You can download new version with each update.

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