How to Add Friends on 8 Ball Pool? Play with Friends in 2024

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Connecting with friends in the popular game is a straightforward process. Here’s a general overview of how to add friends on 8 ball pool and interact with friends in the game:

Connecting Accounts

To add friends, your account needs to be connected. You can link your account with Facebook, Google, or Apple ID, depending on your preference.

Adding Friends

If you’re logged in with Facebook, your friends who have also connected their accounts to 8 Ball Pool will automatically appear in your friends tab.

To add a player by their Unique ID, click on the “Friends” icon in the bottom left corner of the game’s main screen. Then, select “Add by Unique ID” or “Invite friends” and enter their Unique ID to send an invitation.

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Alternatively, you can ask your friend to share their username or player ID with you, or you can find it on the screen of opponent selection before starting a game.

Playing with Friends

You can play with friends by opening the app, clicking on the “Play with Friends” button, and selecting the friend you want to play with from your list.

If you don’t have a Fb account, you can still play with friends by signing in as a guest and sending your invitation code to your friends.

The game allows for cross-platform play, so you can enjoy the game with friends regardless of whether they’re on mobile devices or computers.

Managing Friend Requests

To accept a friend request, go to the main screen of the game, tap the notifications icon, select the friend request, and then tap “Accept”.

To reject a request, follow the same steps but select “Decline” instead.

Removing Friends

If you wish to remove someone from your friends list, you can do so by accessing the friends list, finding the friend you want to remove, and selecting the “Remove Friend” option.

Sending Invitations

To invite friends to join you in a game, tap on the “Play” button at the bottom of the screen, select the “Friends” icon, choose the friend, and then tap “Invite”.

Remember, there’s no specific limit to the number of friends you can add in it, allowing you to connect with a wide network of players. And, you can enjoy sending and receiving gifts from friends within the game, adding an extra layer of interaction and fun.

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Q. Can I link social media account to find friends in this game?

Yes, linking a Fb account, for instance, will automatically show your connected friends in the game’s friends tab.

Q. How do I add someone using their unique identifier?

Select the “Friends” icon in the game, then choose “Add by Unique ID” or “Invite friends” and input their specific identifier.

Q. Is it possible to play with others without a Fb account?

Absolutely. You can play by signing in as a guest and sharing your invitation code.

Q. How do I accept or decline friend requests?

Go to the main screen, tap on the notifications icon, choose the request, and then select either “Accept” or “Decline”.

Q. What is the process to remove a friend from my list?

Access your friends list, locate the friend you wish to remove, and select the “Remove Friend” option.

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Q. How do I invite someone to join a session?

Tap “Play”, then the “Friends” icon, select the friend, and hit “Invite”.

Q. How many friends I can add in the game?

There is no specific limitation on the number of friends you can add.

Q. Can I play with people who have a different version of game?

 Yes, you can add and play with friends even if they have a different game version.

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