Brawl Stars Esports Teams – Statistics and Analytics 2024

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Brawl Stars Esports is a popular mobile game developed by Supercell, known for its fast-paced multiplayer strategy and shooting gameplay. The game offers a variety of game modes, each with different objectives, and allows players to team up with friends or play solo. It has gained significant popularity in the esports arena due to its competitive nature and engaging gameplay.

The success in the eSports realm can also be attributed to the strong support from Supercell in terms of tournament organization and prize pools, which has helped maintain a high level of interest and competition among players. As the game continues to evolve, it is likely to remain a staple in the mobile eSports community, offering a unique and accessible platform for competitive gaming.

How to Play Brawl Stars Esports?

These tournaments are not only a showcase of skill and strategy but also a testament to the game’s ability to engage players across different regions and backgrounds. The dynamic nature with its regular updates and introduction of new characters and modes, keeps the competitive scene fresh and exciting.

Starting the Journey

After downloading, players go through a tutorial to learn game mechanics. The game primarily uses three buttons: a joystick for movement, an attack button, and a “super” button for special attacks.


Players control characters known as Brawlers, each with unique attacks, supers, gadgets, and hypercharge abilities. They come in different rarities: Starting Brawler, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic, Legendary, and Chromatic.

Game Modes

Its features multiple game modes like Gem Grab, Showdown, Brawl Ball, Bounty, Heist, Siege, and special events. Each mode requires different strategies and objectives.

Brawl Boxes

Players can unlock new Brawlers and other items through Boxes, which are earned by playing the game.

Additional Features

Brawl Pass

This is a reward system where players earn Tokens to progress and unlock credits, Gems, skins. There are two types of Passes: free and premium.

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Power League

A competitive ranking system where players battle in a best-of-three format, with a variety of game modes and maps. Players can play solo or in teams.


Each season introduces a new Pass, a Chromatic Brawler, and a Power League Season.


The game uses resources like Gems, Coins, Power Points, and Tokens to progress through the Pass and upgrade Brawlers.

Starr Road

A feature for unlocking varying rarities, where players accumulate credits to unlock their chosen.

Player Retention

They incentivizes both new and returning players with various rewards programs to enhance their gaming experience.

It is noted for its development focus on mobile devices, offering depth in gameplay while maintaining simplicity. It underwent a significant soft launch period, during which various aspects of the game evolved, including a transition from 2D to 3D and changes in game controls and user interface


Q. What’s the basic gameplay of this Supercell mobile game?

Players control characters engage in multiplayer battles across various modes, and use strategic shooting skills to achieve different objectives.

Q. Are there different characters to play with?

Yes, there are many characters, each with unique attacks, supers, gadgets, and abilities. They come in various rarities.

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Q. Can you play with friends in this game?

Yes, players can invite friends to form teams up to the maximum size allowed by the game mode.

Q. What are some of the game modes available?

The game includes modes like Gem Grab, Showdown, Ball, Bounty, Heist, and Siege, among others.

Q. How do players unlock new characters and items?

New Brawlers and items can be unlocked through Boxes, which are earned by playing games and completing objectives.

Q. Is there a competitive ranking system in the game?

Yes, the Power League is a competitive ranking system where players can participate in ranked matches.

Q. What rewards does the game offer?

Players can earn various rewards like credits, Gems, and skins through the Pass and other in-game activities.

Q. Are there special events in the game?

Yes, the game features special events and seasonal challenges, adding variety to the gameplay.

Q. Can players customize their characters?

Yes, players can purchase or unlock skins to alter the appearance and animations of their Brawlers.

Q. Is there a system to encourage new and returning players?

The game offers incentives like the “Newcomers Daily Gift Streak” and “Welcome Back Rewards” to engage new and returning players.


Brawl Stars” eSports has grown significantly since its inception, becoming a prominent part of the competitive gaming landscape. This mobile game by Supercell has attracted a diverse and enthusiastic community of players, thanks in part to its accessible gameplay and engaging character design. The eSports scene is marked by its inclusivity and global reach, hosting tournaments that attract teams from around the world.

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